The Fairy Glen Suspense Series

If you like mystery, thrills, horses, and a touch of supernatural, you’ll want to settle in, get cozy, and stay awhile.

Start with October’s Fire, the story of a woman dead set on saving her neighborhood, who doesn’t realize she’ll have to ride straight into a firestorm to save her daughter’s life.

Next is November’s Missing, the hunt for missing girls in Fairy Glen.

December’s Barren sends one of Fairy Glen’s own into the heart of an abusive local cult.

Explore the first three of the series, available now in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited.

More about Fairy Glen…

Inspired by a real place where I used to ride my horse, the series is spiced up with legends and lore–the local ghosts, monsters and spirits that inhabit any well-loved place.

My writing is also inspired by my awe of nature. When my horse was alive, we would go on trail rides, just me and him, and I always thought “this is my church”. Normally I’m not much of a spiritual person, but this was the time that I felt that awe of the natural world, and such appreciation for the often overlooked beauty of Southern California’s “scrubby” chaparral biome.

I conceived of the series to be told in a diary style: one chapter for each day of the month. Put together, the twelve books will be almost like a year-long almanac, a history of the fearless women of Fairy Glen.

The series takes place in 2007, a post 9/11 world on the brink of the economic downturn. A time before everyone and his brother was on Facebook, when flip phones and alphanumeric texting were the norm, and only rich people or Apple fanboys had iPhones. A pre-social media world, when someone might still go out into the woods and find magic.

Hopefully, through these books, you still can.